Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning - Importance and Procedure

Teeth cleaning is important in maintaining dental hygiene, as your oral health can affect your overall health. Gum disease has been directly linked to other health concerns such as heart disease. The presence of yellow deposits on teeth called calculus is the primary cause for gum diseases and cannot be removed by regular teeth brushing. These crystalline deposits are full of bacteria and adhere firmly to the tooth and beneath the gums.This causes inflammation of gums and bad breath leading to loss of bone structure and eventual loss of teeth.

In teeth cleaning procedure, we use specialized devices called ultrasonic scalers to remove these deposits and other brownish/yellowish teeth stain that may have accumulated on the teeth.

We stress the importance of preventative dental health services including regular dental check ups, dental x-rays and teeth cleanings at least every six months.
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The 6-Month Check-Up

As a general rule at Aspen Dental Care, we suggest that our patients visit our dental clinic for teeth cleaning, once every six months to ensure their teeth and gums are healthy. However, a patient’s dental history and current status of their smile can also impact how often dental hygiene visits are recommended. Because every patient is unique, every treatment and dental hygiene plan is also unique.

Our friendly staff would be happy to discuss your oral dental care, and provide advice as to how many times per year you should visit the dentist for teeth cleaning.

5 Hygiene Tips for a Healthy Smile

  • Maintain at home: brush & floss as your dental hygienists instructs
  • Limit sugar exposure: tame your sweet tooth!
  • Limit acid exposure: acid causes decay in teeth
  • Keep your check-ups: maintain professional hygiene care
  • Early intervention: visit your dentist at first signs of a problem

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