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"I’ve always been a bit wary of any dental procedures. But I’m really glad I chose Aspen Dental Care over the other clinics suggested to me. Dr.Pramod immediately put me at ease when I consulted him for a root canal. The sessions were in itself not painful at all. And the entire procedure being explained to me in detail helped me understand what was involved at every step. Highly recommended for professionalism, skill and proficiency!"
Aspen Dental Care Client Review
Ralph Daniels
"Dr. Pramod is very professional and makes you feel very comfortable during any dental procedures. He explains you in detail about the situation of a tooth / teeth and the process that need to be carried further."
Preethi Raju
"Meticulous and sincere. His experience was ascertained from his handling of the root canal procedure for my mom; and his sincerity in the follow-ups that he undertook."
Rohan Philip
"This turned out to be one of the few times that I have found getting dental work done quite pleasant. Dr. Pramod and his team are an unpretentious bunch, but they were very approachable and friendly, and quite sympathetic to the sensitivity and pain I was suffering. They were very understanding of my erratic work schedule and made time for me when I could get away from work. The team is also very knowledgeable and the solutions they suggest are very effective. I found Aspen Dental's pricing very reasonable for the level of knowledge and tech they employ. The clincher for me is: They actually follow up with calls to check on how the treatment is working for you. If you choose Aspen, you're putting your dental care in very competent and trustworthy hands."
Paul Samji
"Excellent job by the doctor. He was meticulous with his work. Patient and polite."
Umer Syed
"I had taken my mom to Dr. Pramod for root canal treatment 2 years ago and from then been regular visitor for any dental consultation for my family . Dr Pramod makes environment lively n comfortable before any treatment and understands the problem and explain us what exactly it is and process of the treatment . We are happy with treatment . I would strongly suggest to visit aspen dental care for all your dental problems . Dr Pramod is expertise at his field and will provide you proper suggestions of treatment required."
Aspen Dental Care Client Review
Swathi Reddy
"Very friendly and competent dentist, always smiles charmingly and makes you smile as well. The clinic is well-appointed. I have always felt very comfortable putting my teeth under Dr. Pramod's care. His associates also are equally very caring. Go to Aspen Dental Care and return with smile."
Aspen Dental Care Client Review
Rajagopalan R

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