Lingual Braces

Braces technology has progressed and there are now many options you can choose from. Lingual braces, a relatively new braces system, is proving popular among people conscious about their looks with braces.

What Are lingual braces?

Lingual braces system uses brackets that are fixed to the inner surface of the teeth, unlike the traditional braces which are fixed to the outer surface of teeth. The appeal of lingual braces is that it is virtually invisible and that’s the main reason for patients to choose them.

Not all practices offer lingual braces as the orthodontist must be specially trained to provide lingual braces treatment.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Lingual Braces

  • Almost invisible orthodontic treatment system. It is more discreet than aligners
  • Beneficial for people in media, sports or those who play wind instruments
  • Lingual braces are fixed and remain in place during the entire duration of the treatment. This means you don’t need to worry about wearing them for a specified number of hours each day or as in some cases, forget about wearing the removable aligners
  • The latest form of lingual braces, like the 3M incognito braces, features custom made brackets, designed specifically for your teeth. They are very thin and adapt perfectly to your teeth. They provide excellent control over teeth movement and help achieve faster results with greater comfort
  • During the duration of traditional braces, teeth may get stained or decalcification spots may be seen on the outer surface of the teeth. Any such spots or stains will be conveniently hidden in case of lingual braces.
  • Lingual braces are more expensive than traditional brace. This is because the cost of the braces itself is higher, especially the 3M incognito braces that are custom made. Also the orthodontist needs additional specialized training to provide lingual braces treatment
  • For some the fixed braces may be seen as an advantage while for others it may be a disadvantage. Removal braces system like Invisalign can be removed while eating or for an important meeting. Removal aligners can also be cleaned better preventing bad breath and provides better oral hygiene
  • The brackets may dislodge when chewing hard, chewy food. This can delay the treatment duration. The custom made brackets will need more time to get the replacements as well
  • Lingual braces will feel uncomfortable for the first few weeks. There will be discomfort while eating and talking. There may be soreness of tongue due to irritation from the braces. It will get better as the days progress. Special waxes will be provided in such cases which can be applied on the braces that rub against the tongue.

Cleaning teeth with lingual braces

As lingual braces are fixed to the inner surface of teeth, food accumulation between the wire and braces is a problem. This requires that the patient clean his/her teeth more frequently with a special orthodontic soft bristle brush to avoid food lodgement and plaque accumulation.

Mouth washes will be prescribed to reduce bad breath and plaque formation. Regular salt water rinsing can help with gum inflammation.

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