Implant Retained Overdentures

Implant retained overdentures are a little better than a traditional denture as it receives some support from dental implants. They use two or more implants to provide support however, you might get some sore spots. Occasional relining of the denture is required because it mainly relies on your gums and bone for support and also since the bone structure changes over time. It’s better than a “no support traditional denture”, but still moves around and is not as stable as any of other options.

Implant retained overdenture risks
  • Damage or breaking of teeth possible – cheaper fix but must give up appliance for one few days
  • Implant fail is highly unlikely but a new implant can be fixed and used with the same appliance
  • Denture relining will need every 3-5 years – moderate cost must give up for few days
  • Attachment parts may wear out every 2-4 years but it’s usually a cheap and quick fix

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