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The world of dentistry, dental technology and dental sciences has seen rapid developments providing patients with more accurate and reliable treatment outcomes. Technology has enabled new treatment plans and techniques that have done away with older conventional dentistry.
Aspen Dental Care was started in the year 2010 by Dr. Pramod Pillai with a vision to undo the traditional style of dentistry by providing modern and up to date treatment techniques in the most modern clinical set up.
We are dedicated to provide best treatment outcomes for our patients which is achieved by regularly upgrading our skills with the best international practices.

We envision providing better smiles and better lives through our practice and creating trusted relationships with our patients.
“Our philosophy is simple –
We try to provide quality dental care for you and your family in a happy, professional and caring environment.”
Advanced dental care and smile makeovers is achieved using the right technology to achieve predictable goals.
Lasers, CAD/CAM crowns, 3D CT scan machine, Intraoral scanners, guided surgeries for implant placement, Digital Smile Design software, Microscopes, Digital Radiographs, Advanced Ultrasonic Piezo surgery, Sedation with Nitrous oxide, 3D Printers and T-scans for digital occlusal calibrations.
All these forms a part of our arsenal to precisely perform even the most complex treatments.

The Best Experience Ever

First of all, let me begin by saying I NEVER write help reviews -- but after my experience with Dr. Pramod, I felt it was the only right thing to do seeing as he has changed my outlook on dentists all together. This place is not just for people who are VERY fearful of getting dental work done like myself, but also because he is a grade A professional at his work. I went into his clinic and was greeted in a very friendly manner and felt comfortable through the entire process. He knew I had a bad fear so he spoke and explained me through the whole thing just to lighten the mood. I initailly planned to just get my teeth cleaned and just ignore all the other dental work that needed to be done, but because I had such an excellent experience with him I plan to go back and get all the necessary work finished (which is a lot mind you, 5 cavities and a broken tooth). The doctor is extremely professional and excellent in his field. You can trust his work and professionalism.
Aspen Dental Care Client Review
Nidhi Jain

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