Mouth Cancer Screening

Mouth cancer is a debilitating disease that can lead to loss of life. Early and timely detection helps in removing a tumour or lesion at its early stage and is more likely to be cured.

At Aspen Dental Care, mouth cancer screening will be performed to look for signs of cancerous tissue or precancerous conditions in the head, neck and mouth. It may be performed as routine dental examination or on request of patient as a precautionary measure. The goal is to detect mouth cancer at the earliest to provide for better treatment prognosis.

What Increases The Risk Of Mouth Cancer?

  • All forms of tobacco are high risk factors for causing oral cancer
  • Heavy abuse of alcohol
  • Oral cancer diagnosis previously
  • Significant sun exposure can increase the risk of oral cancer

Procedure For Mouth Cancer Screening

A visual examination of the face, head, neck and mouth is done. The Oral Cancer Foundation recommends to look for swellings, bumps, asymmetry, patches of color, ulcerations or other abnormalities. The tongue, inner cheek, roof of the mouth, gums and throat will be checked during the oral examination. All removable appliances must be removed to examine the tissue underneath.

During the physical examination, the doctor will physically examine the head neck and jaw for any abnormal lumps and nodules. Signs for pain and discomfort will also be noted during the physical examination.

On detection of abnormal tissue, a follow up visit will be fixed to see for any changes in the abnormal area. A biopsy is then done and sample sent for histopathological evaluation. The histopathological study will provide the final diagnosis of the cancerous condition.

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