Implant Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures are a cost effective option compared to implant supported bridge. It consist of a denture that is attached to dental implants. The implant supported dentures option is usually referred to and advertised as an “All-on-4”, yet there can be more implants. An implant supported dentures is also called a hybrid denture.

Implant supported dentures are fixed, meaning they cannot be removed. There are several disadvantages compared to an implant supported bridge. This option usually has less implants and if an implant ever failed the whole prosthesis may not be stable anymore. Furthermore, implant supported dentures use high end denture teeth fixed to an acrylic base unlike fused porcelain crowns in a fixed implant supported bridge. Denture teeth and acrylic are less aesthetic and much less durable. Acrylic base makes the prosthesis more bulkier and is porous and thus impossible to really clean. This can result in unpleasant odors. On the plus side acrylic is much cheaper to repair in case of breakages.

Positives of the implant supported denture
  • Costs less and easier and cheaper to repair than first option
  • Has a long history of use so we know most of the potential issues, even the long term ones.
Negatives of implant supported denture
  • The teeth wear down, especially for grinders
  • The acrylic denture base may break, and this can be a regular recurring problem for some.

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