Single Tooth Replacement

Mostly all adults will need tooth replacement at some time in their lives. A missing single tooth can be replaced with a dental implant. None of the other treatment options are long-lasting and natural-looking like dental implants. Like natural teeth, dental implants are fixed in the jaw bone beneath the gums, at the site of the missing teeth. A crown is then placed over the dental implant. The crowns are designed to match the patient’s natural tooth, size, shape and color.

Dental implants are more functionally and cosmetically appealing tooth replacement option than bridges or partial dentures.

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At Aspen Dental Care, you can expect the dentist to listen to your concerns and goals and then develop a specialized treatment plan to give you the smile you’ve always dreamt of. Every patient undergoes a comprehensive evaluation. By addressing the underlying cause for cosmetic and functional dental concerns, our dentists can ensure long lasting, comfortable results. Our dentists are abreast of the latest advancements and use these materials and technologies to restore your oral health and function.

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