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I have crooked teeth

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Crooked teeth or misaligned teeth can lead to loss of confidence while smiling. Crooked teeth can also cause issues with the gums that support the teeth, can increase the incidence of tooth decay, can lead to tooth discoloration and a host of other problems like jaw pain.
The treatment of crooked teeth usually involves the realignment of teeth using fixed Orthodontic Braces which is made out of metal or tooth colored ceramic. There is also lingual braces which is fixed to the inner part of the teeth. The latest in orthodontic treatment is the Invisalign treatment system.

Orthodontic treatment for crooked teeth

  • Orthodontic treatment is usually started after all the permanent teeth have erupted usually around the age of 12 years.
  • In more severe cases of skeletal problem of jaws, a surgical treatment may be required.
  • Orthodontic treatment may also be initiated in young children in certain cases.
  • Your orthodontic consultation will include a thorough diagnosis of the problem with a comprehensive treatment plan.
  • If your front teeth are slightly crooked and you would like to get it aligned without orthodontic braces treatment, it can be done using dental veneers.


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