How to make your child’s oral healthcare easy?

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Reports from the National Oral Health survey indicates that nearly 31% to 89% of children between the ages of 5 to 15 years have dental caries. This can lead to severe tooth pain at a very young age, which may require long treatment procedures or extraction of teeth. To change this trend, parents must introduce oral health care practices early on and make dental hygiene a fun and positive experience for kids.

Toothbrush for children

Aspen Dental Care Blog Child Dental Brush
Children love things that are colourful and fun. So get them a soft bristled, brightly coloured toothbrush which come with nice prints or shapes like their favourite cartoon characters. This will keep them excited unlike the regular adult tooth brushes. Remember to change the brush once in three months with another colour or cartoon character of the child’s choice.

Toothpaste for children

Adult toothpaste have very strong flavors which may put off a child from brushing. Children’s toothpaste are available in various fruity flavors or mild mint flavors which are more adapted to a child’s taste.

Let the child select their choice of flavored toothpaste as it gets them more involved in the process of oral hygiene care.

Brushing together

Aspen Dental Care Blog Mother and Child Brushing
A child usually loves to imitate or take cues from what their parents do.So the activity of brushing and flossing together in the morning and night helps a child develop greater interest in oral hygiene care. It also helps to monitor the childs brushing technique and duration. Teach them the importance of oral hygiene in a simple and fun way. There are plenty of rhymes and songs that describe the benefits of brushing teeth.

Making brushing fun

Try to make brushing a fun activity. Play songs that the child loves or their favourite rhymes. There are apps you may download that have fun songs on the theme of brushing. Sometime during playtime make the child brush the dolls mouth. This can bring better connect to act of brushing their own teeth and keep them more calm and interested. Try any activity you think that may help the child associate brushing as a fun activity and help develop a strong oral hygiene routine from a young age.

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